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service rendered to the government. Although their names cannot be furnished at this time it is suggested that some action should be taken to express the appreciation of the government for their confidential cooperation.

I desire to call attention to and to express great appreciation for the spirit of cooperation apparent at all times and the unusual ability displayed during this investigation by Revenue Agents W.C. Hodgins, Noble Claggett and Jacque Westrich and Special Agents Nels Tessem, M.F. Malone and James T. Sullivan. These agents were engaged upon the investigation almost continuously from May 1930 until its conclusion. The ability shown by Mr. Tessem in tracing various financial transactions of members of the organization through the Pinkert State Bank and other institutions was one of the most important factors of the investigation. The successful termination of the income tax cases and prosecutions in Chicago of Al Capone, Frank Nitto, Jack Guzik, Sam Guzik and Louis Lipschultz was due to a great extent to the persistence of these agents, to their exceptional ability and to their willingness to assume their share and more then their share of the hard work which was facing all of the agents assigned to these cases. Valuable assistance was also rendered on these cases by Special Agents Oliver, Clark, Brown, Converse and Elmore. The cooperation of Assistant Chief W.H. Woolf and Special Agent in Charge John R. Cox of the Washington Division and their staffs in expediting reports on frequent requests made by me for information desired from the Bureau at Washington and other points, was of great value in the furtherance of our investigation at Chicago.

The unusual interest shown in this investigation, together with the encouragement and whole-hearted cooperation rendered at all times by the General Counsel of the Internal Revenue Bureau and staff, officers and employees of the Bureau, agents in the field and your official and personal interest in supervising the investigation was a continual source of satisfaction to me and all of the agents engaged upon this work. At your direction I furnished your with frequent reports regarding the progress of the investigation and your counsel at many conferences in Washington and during your several trips to Chicago to help on the important phases of this case was of great value. I desire to express my appreciation and that of the agents for the efficient manner in which our activities were directed by you during this investigation and to thank you for the courtesies and encouragement shown to us during the entire period.

It is recommended that copies of this report be referred to the General Counsel of the Internal Revenue Bureau and the Special Adjustment Section for appropriate action and that this case be closed.

Frank J. Wilson Special Agent

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