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"They were Mr. Louis Alteria, Jack Guzik, Dion O'Bannion, Louis La Cava, John Torrio and Alphonse Capone. Mr. Pete Penovich and Frank Pope were also present that evening. As the men mentioned desired to discuss some confidential matters relating to the business, I was requested by Pete Penovich to leave the office, which I did.

"Some of the employees at the establishment were Frank Miliano, Frank McGreevy, George Rogers, George Baer, Jimmy Stanton, Joe Faulkner.

"During most of the time I was employed in this business, it was my duty to keep a daily record of the establishment in a cloth bound book. One page of this book was used to cover the business for each month, and I made daily entries in this book showing the daily net profit or net loss from the races, the wheel, twenty-one game, wirer, craps and so forth. I arrived at the entries entered in this book from written memorandums furnished to me daily showing the net gain or net loss from each branch of the business for the day. The salaries and other expenses of the business were deducted from the day's receipts each day and the entry entered by me in the book record was the net profit or net loss of each branch of the business. I also checked the cash on hand each day in order to verify my book records with the currency on hand for the bank roll. On a very few occasions the cash did not exactly balance but the difference was a very small amount.

"I have to-day been shown a cloth bound book containing records of the business from May 1, 1924, to April 27, 1926, and I can definitely state that this is the book containing the records which I kept relating to the gambling business in Cicero which I have referred to in this affidavit. I have also been shown photostats of the monthly sheets in this book, upon which sheets I made the entries, and for the purpose of identification I have written my name on the reverse side of these sheets, The sheets upon which I made the entries in this book include the months of January to December, 1925, and January, February, March and April of 1926. I did not make the entries on the sheets for the months of May to December, 1924, but I was directed by Mr. Pete Penovich to perform work upon these sheets and I did check them, as my individual check mark and footings which I recognize, appears upon them. All the daily entries on

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