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they thought to be dead, was to give life to others; in the type of those that fell in Israel.

8 For God caused all sorts of serpents to bite them, and they died: forasmuch as by a serpent transgression began in Eve; that so he might convince them that for their transgressions they shall be delivered into the pain of death.

9 Moses then himself, who had commanded them, saying, Ye shall not make to yourselves any graven or molten image, to be your God yet now did so himself, that he might represent to them the figure of the Lord Jesus.

10 For he made a brazen serpent, and set it up on high, and called the people together by a proclamation: where being come, they entreated Moses that he would make an atonement for them, and pray that they might be healed.

11 Then Moses spake unto them, saying: when any one among you shall be bitten, let him come unto the serpent that is set upon the pole; and let him assuredly trust in him, that though he be dead, yet he is able to give life, and presently he shall be saved; and so they did. See therefore how here also you have in this the glory of Jesus; and that in him and to him are all things.

12 Again; What says Moses to Joshua, the Son of Nun, when he gave that name unto him, as being a prophet, that all the people might hear him alone? Because the father did manifest all things concerning his son Jesus, in Joshua, the Son of Nun; and gave him that name when he sent him to spy out the land of Canaan, saying; Take a book in thine hands, and write what the Lord saith. Forasmuch as Jesus the Son of God shall in the last days cut off by the roots all the house of Amalek, see here again Jesus, not the son of man, but the Son of God, made manifest in a type, and in the flesh.

13 But because it might hereafter be said that Christ was the Son of David; therefore David fearing and well knowing the errors of the wicked, saith; the Lord said unto my Lord, sit thou on my right hand until I make thine enemies thy footstool.

14 And again Isaiah speaketh on this wise, The Lord said unto Christ my Lord, I have laid hold on his right hand, that the nations should obey before him, and I will break the strength of kings.

15 Behold, how doth David and Isaiah call him Lord, and the Son of God.


The Promise of God not made to the Jews only, but to the Gentiles also, and fulfilled to us by Jesus Christ.

BUT let us go yet further, and inquire whether this people be the heir, or the former; and whether the covenant be with us or with them.

2 And first, as concerning the people, hear now what the Scripture saith:

3 Isaac prayed for his wife Rebekah, because she was barren; and she conceived. Afterwards Rebekah went forth to inquire of the Lord.

4 And the Lord said unto her; There are two nations in thy womb, and two people shall come from thy body; and the one shall have power over the other, and the greater shall serve the lesser. Understand here who was Isaac; who Rebekah; and of whom it was foretold, this people shall be greater than that.

5 And in another prophecy Jacob speaketh more clearly to his