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fountains were watered all kinds of the creatures of Cod. The ninth mountain had no water at all, but was wholly destitute of it; and nourished deadly serpents, very destructive to men.

10 The tenth mountain was full of tall trees, and altogether shady; and under the shade of them lay cattle resting and chewing the cud.

11 The eleventh mountain was full of the thickest trees, and those trees seemed to be loaded with several sorts of fruits; that whosoever saw them could not choose but desire to eat of their fruit.

12 The twelfth mountain was altogether white, and of a most pleasant aspect, and itself gave a most excellent beauty to itself.

13 In the middle of the plain he showed me a huge white rock, which rose out of the plain, and the rock was higher than those mountains, and was square; so that it seemed capable of supporting the whole world.

14 It looked to me to be old, yet it had in it a new gate, which seemed to have been newly hewn out of it. Now that gate was bright beyond the sun itself; insomuch, that I greatly wondered at its light.

15 About the gate stood twelve virgins; of which four that stood at the corners of the gate, seemed to me to be the chiefest, although the rest were also of worth: and they stood in the four parts of the gate.

16 It added also to the grace of those virgins, that they stood in pairs, clothed with linen garments, and decently girded, their right arms being at liberty, as if they were about to lift up some burthen; for so they were adorned, and were exceeding cheerful and ready.

17 When I saw this, I wondered with myself to see such great and noble things. And again I admired upon the account of those virgins, that they were so handsome and delicate; and stood with such firmness and constancy, as if they would carry the whole heaven.

18 And as I was thinking thus within myself, the shepherd said unto me; What thickest thou within thyself? Why art thou disquieted, and fillest thyself with care?

19 Do not seem to consider, as if thou wert wise, what thou doest not understand, but pray unto the Lord, that thou mayest have ability to understand it. What is to come thou canst not understand, but thou seest that which is before thee.

20 Be not therefore disquieted at those things which thou canst not see; but get the understanding of those which thou seest.

21 Forbear to be curious; and I will show thee all things that I ought to declare unto thee: but first consider what yet remains.

22 And when he had said this unto me I looked up, and behold I saw six tall and venerable men coming; their countenances were all alike, and they called a certain multitude of men; and they who came at their call were also tall and stout.

23 And those six commanded them to build a certain tower over that gate. And immediately there began to be a great noise of those men running here and there about the gate, who were come together to build the tower.

24 But those virgins which stood about the gate perceived that the building of the tower was to be hastened by them. And they stretched out their hands, as if they were to receive somewhat from them to do.

25 Then those six men commanded, that they should lift up stones out of a certain deep place, and prepare them for the building of the tower. And there were lifted up ten white stones, square, and not cut round.