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being called away by those affairs with which they are choked.

189 And so they which are rich, with difficulty yield themselves to the conversation of the servants of God; fearing lest any thing should be asked of them. These therefore shall hardly enter the kingdom of God.

190 For as men walk with difficulty bare-foot over thorns, even so these kind of men shall scarcely enter into the kingdom of God.

191 Nevertheless there is afforded to all these a return unto repentance, if they shall quickly return to it; because in their for-mer days they having neglected to work, in the time that is to come they may do some good.

192 If therefore having repented they shall do the works of righteousness, they shall live; but if they shall continue in their evil courses, they shall be delivered to those women who will take away their lives.

193 As for the fourth mountain, which had many herbs, the upper part of which is green, but the roots dry, and some of which being touched with the heat of the sun, are withered;

194 It denotes the doubtful, who have believed, and some others who carry the Lord on their tongues, but have him not in their hearts: therefore their grass is dry, and without root; because they live only in words, but their works are dead.

195 These therefore are neither dead nor living, and withal are doubtful. For the doubtful are neither green nor dry; that is neither dead nor alive.

196 For as the herbs dry away at the sight of the sun, so the doubtful, as soon as they hear of persecution, and fear inconveniencies, return to their idols, and again serve them, and are ashamed to bear the name of their Lord.

197 This kind of men then is neither dead nor alive; nevertheless these also may live, if they shall presently repent; but if not, they shall be delivered to those women, who shall take away their lives.

198 As concerning the fifth mountain that is craggy, and yet has green grass; they are of this kind who have believed, and are faithful indeed, but believe with difficulty, and are bold and self- conceited; and would be thought to know all things, but really know nothing.

199 Wherefore, by reason of this confidence, knowledge is departed from them; and a rash presumption is entered into them.

200 But they carry themselves high, and as prudent men; and though they are fools, yet would seem to be teachers.

201 Now by reason of this folly many of them whilst they magnify themselves, are become vain and empty. For boldness and vain confidence is a very evil spirit.

202 Wherefore many of these are cast away; but others acknowledging their error, have repented, and submitted themselves to those who are knowing.

203 And to all the rest of this kind, there is repentance allowed; forasmuch as they were not so much wicked as foolish, and void of understanding.

204 If these therefore shall repent, they shall live unto God; but if not, they shall dwell with those women, who shall exercise their wickedness upon them.

205 For what concerns the sixth mountain having greater and lesser clefts, they are such as have believed; but those in which were lesser clefts are they who have had controversies among themselves; and by reason of their quarrels languish in the faith:

206 Nevertheless many of these have repented, and so will the rest when they shall hear my commands;