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a little darkened them from the truth, and dazzled their eyes.

256 Howbeit they have never departed from the Lord, nor has any wicked word proceeded out of their mouths; but all righteousness, and virtue, and truth.

257 When therefore the Lord saw their minds, and that they might adorn the truth; he commanded that they should continue good, and that their riches should be pared away:

258 For he would not have them taken wholly away, to the end they might do some good with that which was left, and live unto God; because they also are of a good kind.

259 Therefore was there little cut off from them, and so they were put into the building of this tower.

260 As for the rest which continued still round, and were not found fit for the building of this tower, because they have not yet received the seal; they were carried back to their place, be. cause they were found very round.

261 But this present world must be cut away from them, and the vanities of their riches; and then they will be fit for the kingdom of God. For they must enter into the kingdom of God, because God has blessed this innocent kind.

262 Of this kind therefore none shall fall away: for though any of them being tempted by the devil should offend, he shall soon return to his Lord God.

263 I the angel of repentance esteem you happy, whosoever are innocent as little children, because your portion is good and honourable with the Lord.

264 And I say unto all you who have received this seal; keep simplicity, and remember not the offences which are committed against you, nor continue in malice, or in bitterness, through the memory of offences.

265 But become one spirit, and provide remedies for these evil rents, and remove them from you; that the lord of the sheep may rejoice at it; for he will rejoice, if he shall find all whole.

266 But if any of these sheep shall be found scattered away, Woe shall be to the shepherds; and if the shepherds themselves shall be scattered; what will they answer to the lord of the sheep-fold? Will they say that they were troubled by the sheep? But they shall not be believed.

267 For it is an incredible thing that the shepherd should suffer by his flock; and he shall be the more punished for his life.

268 Now I am the shepherd; and especially must give an account of you.

269 Wherefore take care of yourselves whilst the tower is, yet building. The Lord dwells in those that love peace, for peace is beloved; but he is far off from the contentious, and those who are full of malice.

270 Wherefore restore unto him the Spirit entire, as ye received it. For if thou shalt give unto a fuller a garment new and whole, thou wilt expect to receive it whole again; if therefore the fuller shall restore it unto thee torn, wouldst thou receive it?

271 Wouldst thou not presently be angry, and reproach him, saying: I gave my garment to thee whole, why halt thou rent it, and made it useless to me? Now it is of no use to me, by reason of the rent which thou hast made in it. Wouldst thou not say all this to a fuller, for the rent which he made in thy garment?

272 If therefore thou wouldst be concerned for thy garment,