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Of the Renowned



ABOUT the beginning of his present Majesty's reign, I had some business with a distant relation, who then lived on the Isle of Thanet; it was a family dispute, and not likely to be finished soon.-I made it a practice, during my residence there, the weather being fine, to walk out every morning. After a few of these excursions, I observed an object on a great eminence, about three miles distant; I extended my walk to it, and found the ruins of an ancient temple: on the eastern end were the remains of a lofty tower near 40 feet high, over-grown with ivy, the top apparently flat: I surveyed it on every side very minutely, thinking that if I could gain its summit, I should enjoy the most delightful prospect of the circumjacent country.———Animated by this hope, I resolved, if possible, to gain the summit; which I at length effected by means of the ivy, tho' not without great difficulty and danger. The top I found covered with this ever-green, except a large chasm in the middle.-Curiosity prompted me to sound the opening, in order to ascertain its depth, as I entertained a