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Telegram aan Surya Ningrat


Medan 36 29 8/7 3.10 SR.Basteran

We have given you authority attending all our claims in all directions especially that of our cable sent to mister Marchant

Sarekat Islam Boedi Oetomo

Telegram aan mr. marchant

Medan 75 120/112 30/5 1.15 S.R Basteran


Decisions general meeting Sarekatislam and Boedioetomo eastcoast Samara held on eleventh may nineteen hundred eighteen respectfully claim cancel final sanction coolies minimum wages sixty cents a day working eight hour a day coolies may break contract woman after giving birth forty day before start laborinsn in their athence wages go on as ususal and pregnancy after eight months should stop working government have the right to build schools for coolies children coolies having work for fifteen years ought to get pension coolies who have live here have power to get land any case beter between estate and coolie to be judged by justice of peace letter following

Presidents Boedie Oetomo Sarikat Islam Muhamad Saman Soerosoediro