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One pair alone survived the general fate;
Left in such drear and mournful solitude,
That death might seem a preferable state.
Not more deprest the Arkite patriarch stood,
When landing first on Ararat he view'd,
Where all around the mountain summits lay,
Like islands seen amid the boundless flood!
Nor our first parents more forlorn than they.
Thro' Eden when they took their solitary way.


Alike to them, it seem'd in their despair.
Whither they wander'd from the infected spot.
Chance might direct their steps: they took no care;
Come well or ill to them, it matter'd not!
Left as they were in that unhappy lot,
The sole survivors they of all their race.
They reck'd not when their fate, nor where, nor what.
In this resignment to their hopeless case.
Indifferent to all choice or circumstance of place.