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 Quiara could recall to mind the course
 Of twenty summers; perfectly he knew
 Whate'er his fathers taught of skill or force.
 Right to the mark his whizzing lance he threw,
 And from his bow the unerring arrow flew
 With fatal aim: and when the laden bee
 Buzz'd by him in its flight, he could pursue
 Its path with certain ken, and follow free
Until he traced the hive in hidden bank or tree.


 Of answering years was Monnema, nor less
 Expert in all her sex's household ways.
 The Indian weed she skilfully could dress;
 And in what depth to drop the yellow maize
 She knew, and when around its stem to raise
 The lighten'd soil; and well could she prepare
 Its ripen'd seed for food, her proper praise;
 Or in the embers turn with frequent care
Its succulent head yet green, sometimes for daintier fare.