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 Lighter that burthen lay upon the heart
 When this dear babe was born to share their lot;
 They could endure to think that they must part.
 Then too a glad consolatory thought
 Arose, while gazing on the child they sought
 With hope their dreary prospect to delude,
 Till they almost believed, as fancy taught,
 How that from them a tribe should spring renew'd,
To people and possess that ample solitude.


 Such hope they felt, but felt that whatsoe'er
 The undiscoverable to come might prove,
 Unwise it were to let that bootless care
 Disturb the present hours of peace and love.
 For they had gain'd a happiness above
 The state which in their native horde was known:
 No outward causes were there here to move
 Discord and alien thoughts; being thus alone
From all mankind, their hearts and their desires were one.