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(Formerly Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford, and late Professor of
Greek and Latin at University College, London),


7th February, 1892.


"He was a scholar, and a ripe and good one,
 Exceeding wise …
 Lofty and sour to them that lov'd him not;
 But to those men that sought him, sweet as summer."

"Whatsoever he said, all men believed him that as he spake, so he thought, and whatsoever he did, that he did it with good intent. His manner was, never to wonder at anything; never to be in haste, and yet never slow; nor to be perplexed, or dejected, or at any time unseemly to laugh; nor to be angry, or suspicious, but ever ready to do good, and to forgive, and to speak truth: and all this, as one that seemed rather of himself to have been straight and right, than ever to have been rectified or redressed …"