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The Sinner's Comedy.

lately. All the Havilands are useful people to know. Lord Middlehurst has a tremendous lot of influence. He might do something for one of the boys. I want Lionel to get a secretaryship; he has his father's charm of manner. Darling Percy! But it does not do to think of him. By the bye, don't forget to have all the lamps thoroughly overhauled.

"Can you make up a parcel of your old clothes (under-things, of course) and send them to me here? I have promised them to the under-gardener. He is so grateful to me, poor creature. I am sure the little change down here did you good. You don't rest sufficiently. I cannot get you to be idle. Why you should take all this trouble about that extraordinary Cunningham Legge I cannot imagine. Such waste of time, too, for a man with your responsibilities. Your friends (particularly the nobodies and those who have nothing on earth to do) seem to think that you have nothing to do but to fetch and carry for them. I wonder why you put up with it. I would not for one moment.

"I don't wish to worry you, but I think you ought to stir yourself about 'The Metaphysic of Religion.' By the time you have finished it all your ideas will be old-fashioned. You don't seem to have any ambition. I am quite sick of telling people that you hope to publish it soon. I am sure they think it will end like that tiresome old Casaubon's 'Key to all the Mythologies.' Mr. Vallence hinted something of the sort at lunch to-day. Why do you trouble with all these committee meetings and things? Other Deans don't do it. I was trying to remember yesterday how many people you buried last year. I really think you