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A Study in Temptations.

"Oh!" said Sophia, faintly, "what — what else did he say?"

"He did not say anything else," said Mauden.

"How did he look when he said it?"

"He was looking at your photograph," said De Boys. His thoughts had wandered to the time when he had last walked on a country road at that hour in the morning. Jane had been with him then. How long ago it seemed! Did it seem so long to Jane? Was she, like all women, fickle? Had she forgotten him, in the pomp and circumstance of her new position? He drew a deep sigh.

"I mean," said Sophia, "was Wrath looking happy, or tired, or interested, or anything?"

"I think he was rather sleepy," said De Boys, "or at least I was. . . . Did I ever tell you how much you remind me of a Miss Shannon? She is Lady Jane Shannon now. But at one time I knew her very well."

"Really?" said Sophia. "You must tell me about her. . . . I suppose it would be considered a compliment to — to be asked to sit for Alcestis?"

"Undoubtedly," said De Boys — "undoubtedly. . . .Yes, as I was saying, you bear the most extraordinary resemblance to Jane. But while your hair is black, hers is a kind of russet gold———"

"Russet gold ? How lovely ! and so fashionable. . . . What did Margaret say when Wrath said he intended to paint me?"

"I don't think she said anything. . . . I wish you could know Ja — Lady Jane. She has so much originality. I am sure you would become great friends."