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her way. The next day she returned and told the princess that she must go with her to the place where the prince had his farm. The princess consented, and they set off together. On reaching the farm gate the poor woman sent up a message to the prince, asking him kindly to allow her and her daughter to enter the farm and ramble through the grounds as the poor girl was ill, and the doctor had ordered her to be in the open air as much as possible. The prince, who was very kind hearted, allowed them to enter, and would come himself to see the invalid. But what was his surprise when, on coming out to them, he found that the delicate looking girl was the exact likeness of the wonderfully beautiful portrait he had seen at the fair! The prince was quite bewildered, and did not know what to think. Next day the princess, still disguised as the poor woman's daughter, came alone, and walked about the prince's farm. Seeing the prince she went up to him and asked to be allowed to drink some water from the cold fountain, as she believed that that cold icy water would cure her. The prince at once ordered a richly jewelled glass vessel to be brought, and he himself drew the water and handed it to her to drink. But as she took it from his hand she let it fall, and the broken pieces of glass cut and wounded her foot. The prince was much distressed at the accident; but the princess made light of it, and gracefully said she