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"Oh, well, considering all things, I have no objection to giving you my daughter as wife; but you must go thrice at midnight to the place where you killed the Brazilian, and listen to what you may hear."

The young fellow went to the place, as he was told, and on his return his master asked him what he had heard.

"I heard a voice saying, 'I will be revenged, and you shall pay me for the cruel deed.'"

"Go back, then," rejoined the master, "and ask how soon you will have to pay."

The young man went back, and the voice said in reply, "In thirty years' time."

When the master heard that, he said to his servant, "As in thirty years' time I shall no longer be alive, you may marry my daughter." And so the marriage took place, as may be supposed.

When thirty years had passed, two beggar-men came to the house and asked for alms; and the girl's father, who was still alive, said, "Let them come in for the night, and have something to eat."

As they were entering the house they stumbled against a basketful of eggs, and one egg was broken. This made the father very angry; but the beggars apologised, saying, "Oh, sir, don't scold us, for we are willing to pay you for the harm we have done you, even if it should cost us money."

"It is not for the loss of the egg that I am vexed,