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description, adding that he was engaged in throwing pieces of bread on the water, and saying, "This piece goes for the repose of my father's soul, this goes for the repose of my mother's soul, and this one for the good of my dear wife."

The girl waited on the road till the men should return to the spot, and she then joined them and went with them until she reached the river Jordan.

There she found the prince sitting by the river-side, musing and wrapped up in thought. She went up to him, and before he had time to notice her she imprinted a kiss on his lips; and he, leaping up from his seat, said to her, "Now let us return home, for the spell is broken and the period of our enchantment is expired."

They returned to the palace, and the king and queen, who had had time to repent of their cruel behaviour to their daughter-in-law, welcomed their son and daughter amid much rejoicing and merry making. They lived happily together ever after.


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