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its caves and thickets, the monster had its stronghold. He had not long to wait; he saw the dragon, with its seven fearful-looking heads and flashing eyes, approach him as if confident of its prey. A terrible fight ensued, which was witnessed by crowds of people, who stood at a distance gazing at the contest, trembling with fear and amazement at the rash daring, as they supposed, of the warrior. The dragon several times tore open the knight's flesh, and lashed its tail, inflicting dreadful blows on both knight and horse, but, by the help of God, they both stood their ground. A moment later the horse trampled upon the dragon, while George, with his spear touching a vulnerable part, gave the animal its death blow, and that once dangerous monster fell at his feet a hideous lifeless heap!

The rumour of this daring deed reached the king before George had time to return to the city bearing one of the dragon's heads; and, as he entered the capital, messengers met him summoning him to appear before the king, who had then sent to announce to him that he would make him the commander-in-chief of his army, and would give him his daughter in marriage.

Meanwhile George's brother, who was still wandering through different lands, as we have said before, seeking adventures, suddenly noticed that the branch of basil was withering, so, taking down his spear, he