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to put to you, if our guests will allow me. I lost the key of my jewel chest, and I had another made instead. But as soon as I was in possession of the new one I recovered the old one. Now, I wish you and our honoured guests to tell me which you think I ought to keep and use, the new or the old key?"

Her father replied: "My child, in my opinion you should use the old key in preference, as you are more accustomed to it, and can open your chest more easily, even in the dark."

"Then," said the princess, with a beaming countenance, "I must marry this foreign gentleman who so generously and magnanimously disenchanted me, a feat which subjected him to much trouble and illtreatment."

She married the traveller; and the poor prince, for whose wedding so much preparation had been made, was forced to retire, very disconsolate at the sudden turn of affairs.


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