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On a fine autumn day a fox, who was out on a plundering expedition, met some hounds, and just as she was on the point of avoiding them by running away, they cried out to her: "Oh, good neighbour, come along with us, and do not fear to join our party, because you may, perhaps, not be aware that a new decree has been put forth, forbidding all animals to harm each other by illtreatment, scratching, laming, biting, or wounding in any way whatsoever. So that there is to be peace and goodwill among us for the future."

"I am glad to hear it," replied the cunning fox; "but before I join you I wish to let my godfather know of this new decree, that he also may come with us."

The godfather of this fox was, by-the-bye, a fine plump cock.

A hunter who happened to pass at the time stopped to speak to the fox, and asked her if she would like to have a couple of fowls.

"Fowls!" said she, "they would certainly not