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There once lived together two very plain old women, who were both very desirous of finding husbands, but as they were frightfully ugly they never allowed any one to see them. One day, however, they decided to let the public know their wish to marry, and they put up a notice to that effect by posting an announcement outside the door. Many men passed and read the notice, and if by chance any of them called to see them and judge whether either of them were desirable as wives, these ladies would always send a message by the servant that they could not allow themselves to be seen till the wedding-day on their way to church, which, of course, put an end to the matter. At last there came a man who, having his curiosity aroused, and wishing very much to know them, determined to run the risk and abide by the consequences. He proposed marriage to one of them, who at once consented in great delight. The fortunate maid did all in her power to appear