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Orig. ed., p. 8, l. 12. Reprint, p. 24, 1. 12.—"sleep" for "steep."

Orig. ed. p. 9, last line but one. Reprint, p. 25, last line.—The bracketed word "was" does not appear in the original edition.

Orig. ed., p. 11, l. 17. Reprint, p. 27, six lines from bottom.—"Dwell" for "Dwelt;" rightly printed "Dwelt," however, in the notes.

Orig. ed., p. 13. l. 5. Reprint, p. 29. l. 9.—"wore" for "were." Mr. Ingram had already made this emendation in his article in Belgravia.

Orig. ed., p. 19, l. 20. Reprint, p. 36, l. 4.—"to well" for "too well." This emendation had already been made by Mr. Ingram.

Orig. ed., p. 20, l. 16. Reprint, p. 37, l. 1.—"lisp" for "list."

Orig. ed., p. 26, l. 16. Reprint, p. 43, five lines from bottom.—"Inclines of mine imaginary apart" is the unintelligible reading of the original edition. We are indebted to Mr. Ingram's ingenuity for the reading adopted in the text.

Orig. ed., p. 27, l. 3. Reprint, p. 44, l. 7.—I have hazarded the insertion of the bracketed word "but," for the sake of the metre,—not, however, without some lingering doubt, or at least not with the same certainty and assurance as in the case of the word previously supplied.

Orig. ed., p. 28, l. 6. Reprint, p. 45, last line but one.—"ferver" for "fever."

Orig. ed., p. 28, l. 13. Reprint, p. 46, l. 6—The original edition reads, "And the wish upon the hill." We are indebted to Mr. Ingram for the substitution of "mist" for "wish,"—a reading adopted in the text.

Orig. ed., p. 30, l. 14. Reprint, p. 49, three lines from bottom.—The original edition reads "sight." "With a sight as it pass'd on: "Mr. Ingram prints "sigh," and we have no hesitation in adopting his suggestion.

Orig. ed., p. 31, l. 6. Reprint, p. 50, last line but three.—"ferver" for "fever" or "fervour," it seems uncertain which. See last line of first stanza. Mr. Ingram prints "fever," which we (somewhat hesitatingly, however,) adopt.