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Of the papers printed in this volume none is now presented to the public for the first time. The essay on "Protection to Young Industries as Applied in the United States" was first published in Cambridge in 1882, and was republished in a revised edition in New York in 1883. The paper on "The Tariff of 1828" appeared in the Political Science Quarterly for March, 1888. That on "The History of the Tariff between 1830 and 1860" was printed in the Quarterly Journal of Economics for April, 1888. "The History of the Present Tariff" was published in New York in 1885. All, however, have been revised for the present volume, and considerable additions have been made. I have avoided repetitions, so far as this was possible, and have attempted to connect the narrative of the separate parts. Although not originally written with the design of presenting a complete history of our tariff legislation, these papers cover in some sort the entire period from 1789 to 1887.

F. W. T.

Cambridge, Mass., July, 1888.