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Lines 956-991]

shade is this, which is now approaching with its dismembered body—it is not very clear to my mind?

Ah! yes! I see now, it is that of my brother, he is seeking for some one's punishment. I will give it to him, and therefore hurl all thy torches at my eyes, if thou wilt, tear me in pieces,—consume me entirely with thy fire! Look! My breast is open to the Furies, for then: attack! Oh I my brother, let those representatives of the avenging Goddesses depart from my sight, in security to the Manes below! Leave me to myself, oh, my brother, and I, who unsheathed this sword, let it be employed by the hand which now holds it! I will appease the Manes, with this victim! (Here Medea strikes down the first child.)—What sudden sound is that, which reaches my ears? A clanking of weapons indicates some slaughtering preparations, and they are evidently seeking me for destruction! My killing operations having already commenced, I will mount up to the lofty chambers of the palace, and come thou, nurseling, with me, as a companion! I will carry thy body with me from this place. (This said to the slaughtered child.)

(Medea carries the dead body of one son, and leads the other by the hand to the rooms above.)

Now, oh my soul, once set to work, my presence of mind must not, forsake me at this juncture, let me show my power to these people— the advanced guard.


Now then, whatever faithful followers amongst you, who grieve for the slaughter of your king, assemble! So that we may seize upon the real perpetratrix of all these horrible crimes. Come hither—hither advance, thou band of brave warriors, get ready your weapons, and destroy this house from its lowest foundations!


Already, Jason, already I have got possession of the sceptre, my brother,—my father, and they represent to me the recovery of the treasure stolen from Colchis—the golden fleece.—My-kingdom-has_verily returned to me and my virginity of which thou, deprivedst me, appears to be restored to me! At last, I can exclaim. Oh! ye benignant Deities! 0h! the joyful day come at last! Oh! what nuptial delight| Let me go, my crimes have been literally crowned—not as yet, however, has my revenge been got rid of, let me exert myself, whilst my hands are in training, for the task before me. Why do 30