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[Lines 1018—1027

JAS. Infesta meniet perime. MED. Misereri jubes.
Bene est, paracctum est. plura non habui, dolor,
Quæ tibi litarem. lutnina huc tumida alleva, 1020
Ingrate Jason, conjugem agnoscis tuam?
Sic fugere soleo. patuit in cœlum via.
Squammosa gemini colla serpentes jugo
Summissa præbent. recipe jam natos parens.
Ego inter auras aliti curru vehar. 1025
JAS. Per alta vade spatia sublimi ætheris:
Testare nullos esse, qua veheris, Deos.


Oh! cruel woman, let me perish myself!


Thou askest me to pity thee! (Here she strikes down the second son.) I am satisfied my task is now fully accomplished—I have nothing more, if I could, to sacrifice to my anger!—Ungrateful Jason!

Raise towards me thy swollen orbs! Dost thou now acknowledge that thou hast a wife? This is my mode of taking up my exile! My usual style of flight! The way to the heavens is open to me, two dragons (green griffins) submit their scaly necks to the yoke of my chariot, and Jason, thou parent, take great care of thy sons, whilst I am borne along to the aerial regions in my swift chariot!


Through those lofty spaces of the sublime sky along which thou mayst be conveyed, there surely must be no gods, who will bear witness to thy flight—with impunity!