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eme. 'Filus. 71 TERRE-FILIUS. XLIII. Dq3ndit humerus jurd?que urn&no i?halanges. ,?F theeau/? of Hza?-Cau?cn be not the ve T wor? caufe in the world, it is im- pofllble that it fnould ever'fail, being fo hrongly fdrrounded with temporal en- couragements .,without, and/?cured with e?tly-imbib'd prejudice? within; wealth, titles, and dignity are its'faithful allies;and its only enemies are l?gga?ly truth and naked ho?efly. blow this minion of the multitude. (wh;ch not- withfraMing is the cur? of the multitude) is ?up- ported in all popifl? countries, and in too many pro- to#any ones, is the mdancholy theme ofnumberlefs writers; fire, fword, ariel dungeons are thedreadful executors of its bloody will and plealure; it breathes nothing but de?refiation and mifery all around it? it' b;?ds nobks in chains, and princes in links of iron. 1 do not intend to enumerate all the Itrong holds 0? this l?revailinff mob.caufe; but only (:is the defign of my ?aper !e?ds me) to point out thole advantage? which