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xxo Terrte.ilius. N O X-L To enumerate all the abfurdities in this play, would be e?dlefs ? ! fhall inftance one more, and tb take my' leave of it. I-?ali and CuproB cut one another's throats in a dud, and both die upon the flage. So,man, the new gran,d Seignior, en uiring after them, is thus an- liver d by one of h?s Officers. Offic. Royal Sir, 'Ti12 no? roe fear'd to tell you, that your friends ./Ire ?y each other flain m tingle combat, Contending for the vifier's office. So!ym. Ha ! $.4yJt tinu ? what, ?;n hands ? 'lea, verily! anct a new blunderbuff into the bar- in. No body was by when they fought5 they 'd immediately,.as I hid before ? they had been perle& friends, and expir'd without telling any one how they came to difagree: fo that, for aught this pragmatical officer knew to the contrary, they might ?:?nkk one another about a bottle of fl/erbett, or a et of flrawberries. Hadso,man, initcad of his ha .' ?ohat fay]it th?u ? -- a?k'd him this honeit que- llion. -- Now know'f? thou They dy'd contending for the vifier's office? he muft have been non?lull, or have r?iy'cl: -- May't piefie your m_ajy, The ?rom?ter heard it all? and told m�-fo, Dixir,' in hoc v?bis t? atticare degs#tiam I Is not this /?rofe.?Tkr of ours an old dog at the drama.? Certain]! fo? iafcr?rs in poetfir, and orators m