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This page needs to be proofread.

5POSTSCRIPT. Would not willingly let any part your argument, with regard to the fin. tute in difpute, pati unob/hrv'd; and for that teafort, have thought fit toadd a word or tveo? by way oi: p?}ript, to the foregoing Remark.s. The only ige.?, which you.?em to haveleft, fo;' &{irin an ammdment of this ttatute, is, that the g r?;alty of ortv Ihtlbngs by the alteration in the va- lue of money, is much left confid?rable nora than when the fiatute was firjt made. I have notpretend- ed to deny thisi for I know it to be true. But I think tl?at I have, in a great meafure refuted your arguments upon this head, and ?roy'd, that the ter- rible contequences which you draw from it, and fo ttrongl?r Frognofficate, ?,iz. tile t?tal f. ubverfiou of academical difiolin? , will, in all laroba?itity. ne?er come to Fati i for, in the cafe? both of Mr. Seaman lnd Mr. 8ornaj]er, (which I hope ?you will not in. /ill upon any longer) yo.u do not pretend that they went away ?,ithout a?kmg for a d.?efft i nor that they ask'd for it either out of voantonnq}, or to ?./}at? trom the difiiptSne of your l-lall: finee ot vn, you fly, that he wasfiudious and ?vell-inclinedi and you do not offer to fly any thing to the trar)' of the other; and betides there t?o, yo.u lave not bc?n able to give any other inltance, m .the �ourfe o! ont hundred and fevtnty eight year?.