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This page needs to be proofread.

THE INDEX: A .(publick) at Oxf?r? �ome account of ?t. . I. ? ?ought expe&ent to have notre of late, the 1tatutc concerning it, H. x oo (into t?c tmi?) fomc account of it, attended wida of Itare. ttall, whit, II. aal?tg.e':Tree, (philofophic?t) an account of it, .IL a?l?le'Dumpiinga mjoin'd in a certain ha? In Ox- �?i?em'?% ctymologWd by Dr. Heu,te?, 1I. a?riJtotle, thcdeferencc paid to him at Oxford? I. a greater man than Locie, I. xx'c?mmeu?l to all yotmg ,d?t!t.e#