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$?terland, in his room, fl?ould harangue the Wit? at B#tton' $ about mathematJcM demonflratio?s : would not, d'ye think, ?ch genius fucc?d wondeffu?y its hey undertaking? Amo?g? all t? croud of Ox?rd pro?r?, I ?n- not &� diflingui?ing their ?o?t?i profeffor, f?inting Tom o?' Maudlin, who had lately that ho- nour con?rr'd upon him b? a majority o? thewko?e univerfity, at the interce?on, and upon the e? reque? of great numbers of celebrat? t?fl6 who xvere bed acqminted with his)yet talents ?a hid- ?Im capadties. WMt i?vi?le cha?m? thia reverend may have tg recommend. him fo univerfilly to t'he g?d ?aces of the ladies, God ?d they only know tbr v?le ones I am Cure he has none, I wide, after all, that th? haee not made a for thereCeives, if what I am infbrm'd ?be true. (rig.) that this dignif),'d bar3 has ungratefu]ly turn'fi the va? torrent of his wit againa his makers, feverely hm oon'd tho?, w? fix'd the immortal taurel-.wreath upon his bro?a. All the produ&ims which I have f?n o[ his (except a few dull verfes in print, not ?orth mew timing) are !. TI?� HA?OVE? Tua?,, to the Tune ./1rid a howling we will g?, will go? &c.

?. Verfes upon the Chevalier's pi6h?re.

3. Vert?s upon the death of'the young prinm .?ll which I once defign'd to communicate to the world, as a fpecimen in what a flourifhing date the dMne art of?oefy is at pieCent in Oxvounl but I a.m obt?g'd to Cl?"ccline it? the did feveral elaborate ??cccs being as impudent as they are ignorant, and D' 3