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erected; for here is that famous apartment, by idle wits and buffoons nick-named Golgotha, i.e. the place of Sculls or Heads of colleges and halls, where they meet and debate upon all extraordinary affairs, which occur within the precincts of their juriſdiction. This room of ſtate, or academical council-chamber is adorn'd with a fine pourtrait of her late majeſty Queen ANNE, which was preſented to this aſſembly by a jolly fox-hunter in the neighbourhood, out of the tender regard which he bore to her pious memory, and to the reverend Sculls of the univerſity, who preſide there; for which benefaction they have admitted him into their company, and allow him the honour to ſmoak a pipe with them twice a week.

This Room is alſo handſomely wainſcotted; which is ſaid to have been done by order of a certain worthy gentleman, who went to Oxford for a Degree without any claim or recommendation; and therefore, to ſupply that defect, promiſed to become a benefactor, if they would make him a graduate; accordingly, as it is ſaid, workmen were employed in great haſte, and the Sculls, leſt they ſhould be behind hand in gratitude, in as great haſte, clapp'd a Degree upon his back; but the ſtory unfortunately concludes, that when the Graduate was created, the benefactor ran away, and left the good-natur'd Sculls to pay the joiners themſelves.

But what is it to me, who paid for it? or by what means it came to make ſuch a figure, as it now does, both within doors and without? It becomes me better, as an hiſtorian, to acquaint poſterity what uſes it is put to, and what momentous affairs are tranſacted within its walls. I ask pardon therefore, and proceed.

Here as I ſaid before, all the weighty buſineſs of the univerſity is ſettled: if any ſermon is preached, if any publick ſpeech or oration is deliver'd in