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Syrack. XXXII. <poem> IF God to rule, do thee elect Pryde not thy sele therin As one of thyne, bein effect Thy people so to wynne.

Let care for them, be thy repast That wysdome be their choyse And when thy dutye, done thou hast '^r doTfne Tfjththem reioyce. Of honour tben^recejue the croT^nt In ^yfedopie to excell For ipiJdom,'^ynmth great renol^nt -lifBjch doth become thet:f»elL

I. To the Vituous and Gdolye learned Pryince, Edwarde the VI by the grace of God King of Englande, France, and Irelande, Defendour of the Fayth, and on earth next and immediatly under Christe, of the Church of England and Irelande the Supremehead, your graces humble lounge, and obedient servaunte Chistofer Tye, wythe the continuance of God, hys feare to dwell in your grace heart ,longe to raygne in muche honoure healthe, wealthe and bittosye.

Confydrynge weel, most godly King The reale and perfecte loue: Your grace both beare, to ethe good thyng That given is from above

And that your grace oft tymes both looke to learneof the lastpage The

The whiche ye fynde, wih in gods booke That wyll not passe awaye.

A.ii. Where