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list of design names, which upon inspection prove to be the result of a less elaborate classification and a failure to comprehend the advantages of design analysis. This forcibly suggests that the present association between a design and its name is quite likely to be the result of other than genetic causes.

The American Indian Fig 48.jpg

Fig. 48. A Series of Designs and Their Names, from the Dakota Indians: a, Twisted; b, Full-of-points; c, Forked tree; d. Dragon-fly; e, Filled-up; f, Tripe; g, Feathers; h, Leaf; i, Tent; j, Arrow; k, Three-row; l, Vertebræ; m, Whirlwind; n, Bag; o, Pointed; p, Trails; q, Cut-out

Another way of testing the case is to compare the designs associated with one name. For example, from the special literature we find "flying goose" designs among the Tlingit, Thompson, Pit River, Maidu, Wintun, and Yurok, but we fail to find these designs identical or even similar. The tab-