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THE ANCESTOR 225 coronation is being excellently arranged, for it is quite certain from what has been already announced that no such coronation will have ever been seen in these islands. On the other hand, if ceremonies are worth retaining which are quite peculiar to England, which distinguish her from other countries, and which also can be shown to be very significant from beginning to end, it is time that something should be said about the arrangements that have been made. The coronation cere- monies used to illustrate in a remarkable way the constitution of this realm : the coming coronation will rather give the impression of a breach with traditions, and will therefore become all but meaningless save that it will expose to all men how commonplace are the ideas of officials. It will show to the world the spectacle of a great nation with an unbroken record such as has no other country, but which, like the French in 1789, seems to take no interest in its history. These are not pleasant thoughts for those amongst us who are proud of our country's past, but they have been aroused by the ignorance, if it is not merely contempt, shown by the authorities in ar- ranging what might have been a most significant and glorious pageant. L. G. WICKHAM LEGG.