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O God, the Strength of Those Who War 234
(ST. ANNE. C. M.)
Bishop Willam Boyd Carpenter "Supplement to the New Version," 1708:
probably by WIilliam Croft

God, the Strength of those who war,
The Hope of those who wait,
Be with our sons gone forth to fight,
And those who keep the gate.


Give to our hosts in bat - tie's hour
Firm hearts and cour - age high
Thy com - fort give to those who fall,
Thy peace to those who die.


Breathe on our land the spir it calm
Which faith in right
And in the hours of dark sus-pense
A faith which stronger grows. be - stows,


In thee a - lone we place our hope,
Thou Keep - er of the just,
And thou, thro' fight and fire and fears
Will jus - ti - fy our trust.


Thy ways are won - der - f ul, God,
Who mak est wars to cease :
O let this be the fi - nal war
That ush - ers in thy peace.