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20 O Dearest Mother of Mercy


All hail! our admirable Mother,
Let angels and men sing her praise;
None after Jesus is above her,
For he should be the sweetest lays.
O dearest, Mother of Mercy, Gentle and Holy Queen,
Beauty bright and serene! O may we one day in glory,
Blessed Mother of Grace, Behold thy most sweet face!
Behold thy most sweet Face! Behold thy most sweet face!


Protect and hear us, gentlest Mary,
From on high hear our humble cries;
On us that mourn and weep in misery,
O turn thy mercy's tender eyes.
O dearest, Mother of Mercy &.c


O clement sweet and pious Mary,
O thou of whom our Lord was born,
Show us thy Son to make us happy,
When life at last is from us torn

O dearest, Mother of Mercy &.c