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take it off the mold and cut the fine points as you see on the impression, color with a deeper shade of green, leaving the centre rather lighter; tint it with brown or any color that resembles the natural leaf.

These rules are applied to take the molds of all leaves. Though you may alter the shades of green or the size of the wire, according to circumstances, the molds for every leaf are taken in the same way. Be sure you select a leaf with a deep impression, and get them of different sizes.

Should you wish to purchase the molds, they can be obtained at my agents.


This flower is made in the same way. Color the inside petals with dark rose pink made from violet carmine, white, and carmine; make the centre very close; color the outer petals with a lighter shade of pink, by adding more white powder; curl the petals very thin at the edge, as the flower is very transparent; make the calyx rather lighter in the same way that you adopted for the Tea Rose; tint them according to nature or the model you are copying from.

The leaves are made in the same way as for the Tea Rose-bud. This flower can be imitated very well, and looks most pleasing in a group.

The pink Cabbage Rose is tinted with pink in the