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points on the leaf, color with dark green, afterward polish with a dry brush, as the leaves have a very bright surface.

This flower is much used for decorations and head-dresses. It is easily constructed.


This flower is cut from white wax, the petals very much curled with the stem of the pin, so as to form a ridge in the centre of each. Color the petals with white, or the color of the flower you are copying, and then pencil them with the sable brush, making the stripes of various sizes. Care must be taken to curl the petals before coloring, as the marks would rub off and look indistinct.

The stamens are made of waxed thread, No. 30, turned over at the top and placed on a thin foundation of pale green wax, added to medium-sized wire. Place the petals on in rows of five, letting each row fall a little, the preceding spaces to be filled by the succeeding petals.

The calyx is made of pale green tinted with a darker bluish green made from orange, prussian blue, and white.

The leaves are cut from green wax and tinted with the same color.

The dark Clove Pink is made exactly in the same