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Examination of Lev. xxv. 39, 40.—The freeholder not to "serve as a Bond Servant," 57—65
Difference between Hired and Bought Servants, 58
Bought Servants the most favored and honored class, 58
Israelites and Strangers belonged to both classes, 60
Israelites, servants to the Strangers, 61
Reasons for the release of the Israelitish Servants in the seventh year, 61
Reasons for assigning the Strangers to a longer service, 61
Reasons for calling them the Servants, 62
Different kinds of service assigned to the Israelites and Strangers, 62
Review of all the classes of Servants with the modifications of each, 66—68
Political disabilities of the Strangers, 67
Examination of Ex. xxi. 2—6.—"If thou buy an Hebrew servant," &c. 68
The Canaanites not sentenced to unconditional extermination, 69—74