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30. Isaac of Mosul 31. The Sweep and the Noble Lady 32. The Mock Caliph 33. Ali the Persian 34. Haru Al-Rashid and the Slave-Girl and the Iman Abu Yusuf 35. The Lover Who Feigned Himself A Thief 36. Ja'afar the Barmecide and the Bean-Seller 37. Abu Mohammed Hight Lazybones 38. Generous Dealing of Yahya Bin Khálid The Barmecide with Mansur 39. Generous Dealing of Yahya Son of Khálid with a Man Who Forged a Letter in his Name 40. Caliph Al-Maamum and the Strange Scholar 41. Ali Shar and Zumurrud 42. The Loves of Jubayr Bin Umayr and the Lady Budur 43. The Man of Al-Yaman and His Six Slave-Girls 44. Harun Al-Rashid and the Damsel and Abu Nowas 45. The Man Who Stole the Dish of Gold Wherein The Dog Ate