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Mount Kosciusko, the Highest Peak in Australia Frontispiece.
Map of Australasia Front Cover.
Map of Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania Back Cover.
Royal School, Honolulu 1
The Physalia 2
The Island of Oahu 3
General View of Honolulu 4
In the Harbor of Honolulu 5
Queen's Hospital, Honolulu 6
Kealakeakua Bay, where Captain Cook was Killed 7
Mrs. Thurston, one of the Missionaries of 1820 8
Kawaiaho Church—First Native Church in Honolulu 9
Bethel Church 10
Native School-house in Honolulu 10
The Court-house in Honolulu 11
Native Gentleman of Honolulu 12
Hawaiian Poi-dealer 13
The Hawaiian Archipelago 14
Hawaiians at a Feast 15
Native Hay Peddler 16
Dress of Hawaiian Women 18
Ancient Idols of Hawaii 19
Grass House, Hawaiian Islands 20
Government Buildings, Honolulu 21
Hawaiian Dancing-girls 22
Map of the Sandwich Isles 23
Lahaina, Island of Maui 25
Women on Horseback, Honolulu 26
A Mountain Valley 27
Hawaiian Temple 28
Mountain Scene in the Sandwich Islands 29
Hilo 31
Surf-bathing at Hilo 32
The Volcano House 33
View of one of the Burning Lakes 35
View on a Lava Field 37
Hawaiian Warriors a Century ago 38
Chain of Extinct Volcanoes, Island of Kauai 39
Map of the Haleakala Crater 41
Kamehameha I., First King of the Sandwich Islands 42
Water-fall on Island of Kauai 43
Implements of Domestic Life 44
Hawaiian Pipe 45
Looking Seaward 48
The Owner of the Yacht 49
"Good-by!" 49
At Home on the "Pera" 50
Below Deck in the Tropics 51
On the Coast of the Marquesas 53
A View in Nookaheeva 55
Gattanewa's Portrait 56
Tattoo Marks on a Chief of the Marquesas 57
The Chief's Daughter 59
A European's Residence in the Marquesas 61
A Marquesan Village 63
Catholic Missionary 64
In a Gale near the Marquesas 65
Commodore Porter's Fleet in Nookaheeva Bay 66
Easter Island House and Children 67
Lava Rock Image, Easter Island 68
Easter Island Man 69
Easter Island Woman 70
Stone Tablet of Character Writing 71
Stone Platform for Images 72