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Rabot gave a toft and fishery in Rotsea to Guisbrough Priory, and released the Canons from an annual payment of fourpence halfpenny which they used to pay to him,[1] he also gave a bovate of land in Tibthorpe to Guisbrough Priory.[2]

  1. Geoffrey.[3]

(II) WILLIAM DE BOYNTON, son of Walter Boynton (I) occurs in 1206, and is mentioned in Yorkshire fines of that year.[4] He married and had two sons and two daughters, namely:—

  1. Ingelram,[5] (III).
  2. Henry, who married a daughter of Adam Wastneys.[6]
  3. Jane, married to Sir Robert Octon. Kt.[6]
  4. Ursula, married to Sir Roger Welwick, Kt.[6]
(III) INGELRAM DE BOYNTON [1222-1254] son of William de Boynton (II). Ingelram and his wife Joan, are mentioned in a Lincolnshire fine.[7] It appears that three weeks from Easter Day, 6 Henry III (23rd April, 1222) there was a fine between Geoffrey, son of Baldwin, plaintiff, by Ralph de Warevill, put in his place, and Ingelram de Boynton and Joan his wife, deforciants, of two carucates of land in Orreby, to wit, of all lands and tenements which the said Ingelram and Joan held in dower of the said Joan, in Lindsey, of the inheritance
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