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Societies. Educational Periodicals. The American Journal of Educa- tion. Labour and Education. Practical and Physical Education. Educational Reports. Horace Mann. Henry Barnard. Technical Literature of Education. Free Schools. Education for Girls. Emma Hart Willard. Mary Lyon. State Universities. College Problems. Great College Presidents. Lyceums. Ralph Waldo Emerson. Im- aginative Literature Dealing with Education. Henry Wadsworth. Longfellow. Oliver Wendell Holmes. Locke Amsden. The Hoosier Schoolmaster. College Secret Societies. Phi Beta Kappa. Memoirs by Educators. Popular Problems of Education. The Education of Henry Adams. Books for and about Children. The Literature of the Immigrant. Important Writers on Educational Topics. William James. G. Stanley Hall. Edward L. Thomdike. William T. Harris. John Dewey. Foreign Observers. General Conclusions. . . . 385