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Portrait of Mark Hovell To face title
Preface v-viii
Introduction: Mark Hovell, 1888–1916 xxi-xxxvii

The Charter and its Origin 1-7
The National Charter—Its preamble—Six Points and minor provisions—Its programme of Parliamentary Reform—Origins of the movement for Parliamentary Reform—The Army debates in 1647 and the Instrument of Government, 1653—The Radical programme in the eighteenth century—Its revival after Waterloo—Dissatisfaction of Radical reformers with the Reform Act of 1832.

The Industrial Revolution and its Consequences 8-27
1815-1840 the critical years of the Industrial Revolution—Large scale production and machinery triumph over small production and domestic organisation—Social and economic difficulties resulting from the change—The transition easier in some industries than others—The worst difficulties were in those trades where the old and new systems long coexisted side by side—Contrast between the spinning and weaving trades—The latter long a transitional industry, remaining partly domestic, but under capitalist control—The long agony of the handloom weavers—Instances of various types—The silk-weavers of Coventry—The cotton-weavers