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Boen of the Independent Lutheran Mission, and Yencheng Hsien was opened by Mr. Lack of the China Inland Mission. The following year, 1903, the Hauge's Synod entered Hsinye Hsien. The hospitals and schools of this Mission are at Fancheng, in Hupeh. For ten years the province had been visited by colporteurs of the Mission. Rev. Th. Himle is in charge of this work. There are 5 out-stations from Hsinye Hsien, and 7 schools with an average attendance of 20 pupils each. Five evangelists are employed and 19 persons have been baptized.

In September 1904 Chengchow was opened by the American Baptists (South). This city is likely to become a treaty port. Being on the railway it is likely to become an important centre. The Mission has of foreign workers, 4 men (one a doctor) and 3 ladies; of Chinese assistants, 2 evangelistic and 1 medical.

At the close of the year 1904 the Free Methodist Mission arrived at the same city. They have 6 workers and are expecting further reinforcements.

The Seventh Day Adventists are working in the south centre of this province. The Augustana Synod hopes to take up work in the near future in a field yet to be determined. The South Chihli Mission has just entered Kaifeng Fu.

The Russian Greek Church are inquiring for premises in Kaifeng Fu also.