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6. Ferdinand Gicnahr. The pioneer of the Rhenish Mission in China 1847 ; placed at first under direction of Gutzlaft. Married Mr. Lechler's sister. Died with his two sons of cholera in 1864, contracted from a destitute Chinese woman they had befriended. The author of several Christian works.

7. James Legge, M.A., D.D., LL.D. Born 1815. Arrived Malacca under L.M.S. January 1840. Settled at Hongkong 1843 as head of Anglo-Chinese Theological Seminary. Retired from L.M.S. 1873, and 1876 appointed as Professor of Chinese at Oxford. Died 1897, aged eighty-two. A man of prodigious industry, famous for his translation of the Chinese Classics, etc.

8. William Jones Boone, M.D., D.D. Pioneer of American Episcopal Church Mission to China. Reached Batavia in 1837 ; removed to Macao 1840. With Abeel was the first to open work at Amoy. Consecrated first Missionary Bishop to China 1844. Elected to committee for translating Delegates' Version, but withdrew on Term question, etc. Died at Shanghai 1864. He had a son, William Jones Boone, jun., born in Shanghai 1846, was 1870-1884 the fourth American Bishop to China. He died at Hankow 1891.

9. Samuel Wells-Williams, LL.D. Born U.S.A. 1812. Reached Canton 1833 to superintend American Board Press. Became Editor Chinese Repository, commenced by Dr. E. C. Bridgman. Escorted shipwrecked sailors to Japan 1837. For twenty-three years with American Board ; for twenty years Secretary and Interpreter U.S.A. Legation in China ; for eight years Pro- fessor Chinese at Yale University. Compiled Chinese English Dictionary, 12,527 characters, the Middle Kingdom, etc. Died 1884.

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1. Matthew T. Yates, D.D. Born 1819. Founder of American Southern Baptist Mission in China 1847. Died 1888. Part of the time he supported himself and others by his labours as American Vice-Consul, and in this way the crisis of the Home Church, owing to the Civil War, was tided over. Translated New Testament into Shanghai dialect.

2. Alexander Williamson, LL.D. Born 1829. Sailed for China under L.M.S. 1855, but his health failing, he returned home in 1857, reaching England 1858. Returned to China as Agent of National Bible Society of Scotland, and established himself in Chefoo 1863, and travelled extensively in North China, Manchuria, and Mongolia. Founded the Christian Literature Society in 1887, and died in 1890.