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Slow crept the witch unto her side,
Aiid saw with furious eye
The smiling two in slumber deep,
Who did so helpless lie.

“And for the tears, O Colman proud,
That I have shed for you,
Pll drive a sorrow in your breast
To break your heart in two.

“And for the words that you have said,
To crush me with disdain,
m hush the laughter on your lips
That shall not smile again.”

Within her hand a deadly draught
She raised a moment up,
“And shall it be your little son
Who first must taste the cup?”

“Ah, no! For should your bride awake,
Her grief would mend your moan.
For you in pity at her tears
Would half forget your own.

“But if death lies upon her heart.
The two are surely slain;
The little babe must thirst and die,
And you are mine again.”

She looked upon each lovely face
That held a soul asleep,
“And one shall drink of deadly wine,
A draught both long and deep.”

She looked upon the baby lips
That curling 'neath her eyes,
Sought some sweet fountain in his dreams,
Ana fed with gentle sighs.