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In the preparation of the present "Notes" on Western Australia, the writer's personal observations of the colony, made in June of last year, have been supplement ed by much valuable information derived from Mr. Nicolay's "Handbook of Western Australia"; "The Western Australian Year-book for 1890," edited by the Registrar-General of the colony, Mr. Malcolm A. C. Fraser; "The Western Australian Hand-book," issued by the Emigrants' Information Office In London; Pierssene's "Albany Guide and Hand-book of Western Australia"; the Report of the Royal Commission on Agriculture (1887 to 1890); Mr. James Martin's excellent report on the operations of the West Australian Land Company, Limited, written in April, 1890, and the descriptive prospectus of their lands issued by that Company. The writer has also derived much additional and confirmatory data respecting the Midland Railway Company's concession from the report compiled by that unusually honest an d outspoken observer, Dr. J. R. M.