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When we consider the boundless area in the far interior still unsubdued and unoccupied—when we reflect upon what has already been done by the enterprise of the sheep-holders in the expenditure of capital to bring large tracts of unwatered country into use by means of wells and dams; and, further, the large addition to the carrying capabilities of the country, by fencing and other improvements, I am not exaggerating in estimating the doubling of our present stock within the next six years as a not improbable prospect.

Our export of wool last year, seaward and via the Darling for Adelaide, and across the Murray for Melbourne, was as follows, viz.:—

Seaward 25,961,408
Less imports from Queensland and elsewhere 7,208,501
Leaving 18,772,960

To this add quantity sent via Darling River and across the Murray, viz.,

Albury 403,765
Corowa 879,017
Moama 6,907,661
Swan Hill 1,385,916
Euston 156,800
Wentworth 1,555,600
——— 11,288,752
Making a total of 30,061,719

Assuming this quantity of wool to represent the