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Manly Beach or Watson's Bay, or to see a cricket match in the Domain, or at the Albert Cricket Ground, or where else you will—and will you see evidences of this "depression" there? We have no statistics to demonstrate the existence of any depression in this direction, and our ordinary senses fail to discover it. Take a walk with me down George Street, and look at the display of fashion in the fashionable shop windows, and notice the private equipages, more or less handsome, drawn up in files at the doors, with gorgeously appareled ladies stepping into or stepping out of them, and with trains that caution one to stand off and keep clear. I ask whether there is "any evidence of depression here!" On the contrary, my observation leads me to believe—and I am sorry again that I am unable to reduce my belief to a matter of certainty by the light of those vulgar things called statistics—that private equipages, from the fashionable barouche to the American buggy, have multiplied exceedingly in our metropolis within the last three or four years; and, moreover, In articles of dress and millinery display, and particularly in the grotesque designs and elaborate variety of that important female appendage miscalled a bonnet, I think It will be allowed that our fashionable shops exceed, this season, anything that has been known before.

I don't know that there has been any noticeable